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We are a group of developers, designers and product managers that build modern, web and mobile applications for startups. We specialize in working with entrepreneurs to take products from concept to launch. Think of us as your technical CTO whenever you need us.


A few of the services we can help you with.

Technology Solutions

We have a variety of technology expertise and will match our technology based on the needs of your product. We have experience working with Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, JQuery, Angular, Heroku, HAML, Foundation, Bootstrap, and Amazon EC2 and S3.
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All platforms

Web Applications

We specialize in building web applications for startups and brands. If you can dream it, we can build it. We have successfully worked on a range of consumer and enterprise projects in multiple industries including fashion, finance, retail, media, and consumer.

iPhone & iPad Apps

We can build native iOS applications for iPhone and iPad or native Android apps. In addition, Your website will be designed using a responsive framework, meaning the screen will adjust dynamically to fit any device browser from tablet to desktop.
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"We provide the technical talent necessary to bring products to market."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do projects cost?

Projects range depending on complexity, but typically require around 6-12 weeks of development and start at $15k.

How do you price your services?

Before a project begins we will work with you to make an estimate on the work required based the features in the end product. We will also try to minimize any unnecessary functionality to arrive at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in order to reduce costs and get the product to market fastest.

Do you outsource any development?

We do not work with any offshore developers. We do, however, work with a network of freelance developers and designers that can assist us with projects. We always notify clients who the team is during a project and only work with freelancers that meet our strict standards of excellence. Without freelancers, our prices and time commitment would be much higher than what most startups and some brands can afford.

Do you provide design services or just development?

We do not provide visual design services at this time. We can recommend a visual designer to add the final visual elements and branding after the web development is complete.

Will you sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)?

Yes. Once we enter into a contract we always include an NDA clause. In addition, our contract will assign all the intellectual property (IP) to you or your company. However,

Will you maintain the application after it is launched?

We highly encourage clients to find a dedicated engineer to continue development and maintenance of projects. We typically monitor a site for 30 days after launch to ensure a smooth release. Afterwards, if you still require us to maintain the site we charge a $250/month fee.

What if I need to add new features along with way?

Startups are expected to iterate on their products as the end goal is a moving target. We can work with you during the course of development to accommodate new requests but any major additional work is priced and billed separately.

Will you work for equity?

No. We occasionally reduce the costs of a project for a small share of equity, but we have never developed a project for equity alone.


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